We offer consultancy for sport, health & education organisations and projects.

Mind Coaching

We offer mind coaching and mentoring for athletes, coaches and individuals, focusing on mental, emotional, interpersonal and professional development. Support will be confidential, designed based on individual needs and carried out Face-to-Face or via Zoom/Skype.


We offer seminars, workshops and webinars for sport, health & education organisations.

Sport & Health Coaching

We offer sessions on health, fitness and football that can be accessed in 1:1 or small group settings. These sessions can be conducted on Skype/Zoom or face-to-face. All Klemmer Consultancy coaches are DBS checked, have Safeguarding and First-Aid certificates and have acquired Level 2 or above in coaching variety of sports awarded by the national governing bodies of sport.

We are aware that people have different reasons for taking up sport or physical activity. Therefore, we have partnered up with organisations who offer different sport, physical activity and health sessions in various locations across England and Estonia.