Consultancy for Individuals

Mental Performance and Lifestyle Support

The importance of mental skills and habits in sport and life are often undervalued. Many successful individuals and athletes use mentors, mind coaches, consultants, psychologists and other specialists to develop mental skills and build successful personal strategies. Mainly because if we work on our mental skills and develop appropriate strategies specific to us, we are more likely to perform better in high pressure situations, manage setbacks, find better solutions and enjoy our life more. Klemmer Consultancy provides mental performance and lifestyle support to bring the best out of the nations´ top and most promising athletes. We have worked with over 20 national and world champions. Mental performance and lifestyle consultancy at Klemmer Consultancy was set up to offer support for individuals and athletes to maximize their potential and raise awareness about the importance of mental skills, habits and personal stratagies in sport and life. We work with individuals to map out their needs and alongside our support we often link our clients up with other world class specialists to ensure they can maximise their potential, ideas and needs. We have created a network of specialists which include nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, psychologists, mentors, business people and many more. Klemmer Consultancy support is confidential, designed based on individual needs and carried out via Face-to-Face or Zoom/FaceTime. Visit the Testimonials section on our website to find out what some of the athletes and individuals have said about our support.


1 session £50 (1 hour)

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Our consultancy for individuals list is currently full and we are operating a waiting list. We still welcome enquiries from new clients and you will be advised upon the wait time at the point of enquiry

Consultancy that we provide is not a substitute for psychological counselling, psychotherapy, or any medical service. In the event that you feel the need for professional counselling or therapy, it is your responsibility to seek out a licensed professional. If you are already in the care of a mental health professional, you have consulted with them and made them aware of your pursuit of a consultancy relationship with us. Prior to the commencement of consultancy a mutual agreement will be negotiated between you and Klemmer Consultancy to agree confidentiality and terms & conditions.