Mind Coaching

Mind Coaching

The importance of mental skills in life, sport and at work are often undervalued. Many successful individuals and athletes use mentors, mind coaches and psychologists to learn new mental skills and build successful personal strategies. Therefore, if we work on our mental skills and develop appropriate strategies specific to us, we are more likely to perform better in high pressure situations, manage setbacks and find better solutions. Mind coaching at Klemmer Consultancy was set up to offer support for individuals and athletes to maximize their potential and raise awareness about the importance of mental skills in sport and life. We offer mind coaching and mentoring for athletes, coaches and individuals, focusing on mental, emotional, interpersonal and professional development. Support will be confidential, designed based on individual needs and carried out via Face-to-Face or Skype/Zoom. Visit the Testimonials section on our website to find out what some of the athletes and individuals have said about our mind coaching.

How can we support and advise?


As the science of sport performance evolves, it has become more evident that working on athlete’s mental skills is of high importance. In these sessions, our work will be around your identity, motivation, goals & commitment, people skills, attitude, self-talk, mental imagery, managing emotions, concentration, mindfulness techniques and any other relevant areas.


It is important for a coach to understand how to use effective mental strategies to improve their athletes’ performance and coaching mental skills is as important as coaching physical skills. Also, it is important for a coach to improve their own mental skills to be able to offer the best possible support to the individuals they are working with. In these sessions, our work will be around your coaching style, coaching identity, goals & commitment, career planning, people skills and any other relevant areas.


We believe that every person deserves to achieve their full potential. More and more individuals are using mentors, mind coaches or psychologists to help them to build strategies to reach their desired goals.  In these sessions, our work will be around your physical activity and life goals, mindfulness techniques, mental skills, career planning, people skills and any other relevant areas. 

Price list

Initial Skype/Zoom consultation FREE where you can ask questions and find out more about the mind coaching sessions. Book your initial free consultation by emailing klemmerconsultancy@gmail.com  

1 session £35 (1 hour)
5 sessions £150 (5 hours)
1 session for 2 people £60 (1 hour)
5 sessions for 2 people £250 (5 hours)
1 session for 4 people £100 (1hour)
5 sessions for 4 people £450 (5 hours)


You can either book 1 session at the time or book 5 sessions as a block. The payment for 1 session needs to be made AFTER the session within 24-hours. 

The payment for 5 block sessions will be divided into two 50% payments, the first 50% BEFORE the sessions start and the second 50% within 24-hours AFTER the sessions completed. Both Klemmer Consultancy and the client have 24-hours to cancel/reschedule the sessions. 

The mind coaching or mentoring that we provide is not a substitute for psychological counselling, psychotherapy, or any medical service. In the event that you feel the need for professional counselling or therapy, it is your responsibility to seek out a licensed professional. If you are already in the care of a mental health professional, you have consulted with them and made them aware of your pursuit of a mind coaching or mentoring relationship with us. Prior to the commencement of coaching or mentoring a mutual agreement will be negotiated between you and Klemmer Consultancy to agree confidentiality and terms & conditions.